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Frequently Asked Questions

There are never too many questions you can ask when it comes to the care of your pets.  Here are some of our more frequently asked questions.  If you have any others, we are happy to answer them.  Please contact us and let's talk! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer? 

We provide in-your-home pet care.  This means we come to your home to take care of your animals.  We offer daily and regular dog walking and cat visits. We also come multiple times a day when you are out of town as part of our vacation pet care.   

Do you spend the night or offer boarding? 

We do not spend the night nor do we offer boarding in our home.  Instead, we have over twenty years of happy clients who have stayed in their home with us visiting them multiple times a day.  We'd be happy to share more about our specific services and how they might fit your situation and your pets' needs.   

What do you charge? 

We have simple pricing and charge by the visit.  A half hour visit is currently $32 and an hour is $50.  For major holidays, please add on a $10/visit holiday fee.  We don't charge extra for extra pets, administering medications, etc.  

Is your fee per pet, per day or per visit? 

Our fees are based on time, either a half hour or an hour.  If you have many pets or have special needs, we will recommend extra time with a longer visit.  We don't charge extra for the number of pets or any special needs they might have.   We're happy to provide a quote for a trip total before you commit to reserving our services.   

Will I have the same pet sitter each time? 

We believe that having the same sitter or dog walker builds bonds between the team member and your pet.  We try to keep the same sitter or only a couple of sitters with one family for this reason.  There might be times when a substitute will fill in for your regular sitter in the case that she/he isn't available.  All of our team members are covered under our liability insurance and honesty bond.  

Will I get to meet my sitter? 

YES!  We meet everyone prior to fully committing to a job to ensure that everyone on all sides are comfortable with each other.  After the initial meeting, we might bring in another pet sitter to help take care of your pets, but we will always let you know before this happens.  

How much notice do you need to reserve care? 

For new clients and families, we request 7-10 business days to get everything set up.  This includes assessing your needs, getting set up in our portal, Time to Pet, scheduling an initial meeting. 
For current clients, we can usually schedule requests that are a week or two in the future.  Depending on the time of year, we can usually confirm last minute requests. 

What is Time To Pet? 

We utilize an online portal system called Time to Pet.  This is a secure software program that will house all of your contact information, emergency information and all details for each of your pets.  This system is easy to use and very user-friendly.  Your pet sitter will send updates and photos after each visit or walk.  Invoices are also sent and can be paid through Time To Pet too.   

Do you come to my area of Kitsap County? 

Mostly likely - yes we do!  We cover all of Poulsbo, Silverdale, Bremerton. We also cover parts of Kingston and Seabeck.  We have Naval Base access to Bangor and Keyport too!   

Do you walk in the rain? 

We sure do!  If not, we wouldn't be much of dog walkers in the PAC NW!   BUT - in the rare times that it is a downpour, we might opt to have indoor play and enrichment time instead.  Likewise, we don't walk when it's below 25 degrees or above 85 degrees (our local pets and people just aren't used to temps like this!), when it's icy, snowy or smokey.  

What are your socials?  

We have so much fun sharing pet photos, funny stories and memes, quizzes and more on our Instagram and Facebook pages.  Please join us!!   

This seems like a great job - are you hiring? 

If you love pets, desire a flexible schedule and supplemental income - let's talk about you joining our team!   Here is a link to our job description.  

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